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      And while the 100,000 veterans were drilling, organizing and manuvering the railroad was straining every one of its iron and steel tendons to bring in food and ammunition to supply the mighty host, and provide a store from which it could draw when it went forth upon its great errand. There were 35,000 horses to be fed, in addition to the 100,000 veterans, and so the baled hay made heaps that rivalled in size the foothills of the mountains. The limitless cornfields of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois heaped up their golden harvests in other hillocks. Every mountain pass was filled with interminable droves of slow-footed cattle, bringing forward "army beef on the hoof." Boxes of ammunition and crackers, and barrels of pork covered acres, and the railroad brought them in faster than the hundreds of regimental teams could haul them out."But I don't want to be with the Humphreys, sir," broke in Jim. "Me and Monty Scruggs"

      All the others repeated the words.

      All that was very distant. Dodd, himself, wassomewhere else.

      "Does a brother harm a brother?" Cadnan asked. That, too, was in the rules: even Marvor, he thought sleepily, had to accept the rules.

      "Oh, no, no!" she cried, trying to edge between him and the wall.


      "Old Maj. Truax, of the 1st Oshkosh, is President of the court," said the Orderly-Sergeant, as the company was anxiously canvassing the boys' chances."You don't seem to have a clear idea of numbers. How many regiments have you got over there?"


      The partners started in to rouse their boys. As soon as these were fairly awake they became greatly excited. They had gone to sleep bubbling over with the momentousness of the coming day, and now that day had opened."Very well, mum. Knowed him almost as well as if he was my own brother."


      "Now none o' that, missus," said Reuben roughly"you put the child back in her cradle, and go and lie down yourself. I d?an't want to have to fetch doctor in to you.""Well, get through, and come out here, for there's some more work for you. Make a good job with that scoundrel. I'll be in presently and see it."